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Acceptance, Inclusion, Belonging, and Opportunity for Autistic People

Unlock the potential for Autistic individuals to thrive with Steve's comprehensive Understanding Autism services. Through his novel Neuro-Social Model of Emotional Wellbeing, Steve combines personal experiences, insights from other Autistic individuals, and research from domain experts to provide a holistic understanding of Autism and the workings of the Autistic brain.

Services tailored to Autistic individuals, parents, educators, business leaders, and others are delivered with a trauma-informed and neurodiversity affirming approach. Whether through speaking engagements and keynotes, business consulting, training and workshops, or coaching/mentoring, Steve equips individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools to foster understanding and improve outcomes.

Discover common challenges faced by Autistic individuals and learn strategies to address them:

  • Meltdowns and Shutdowns
  • Healthy Attachment and Co-Regulation
  • Sensory Sensitivities
  • Emotional Health and Regulation
  • Executive Function Strategies and Tools
  • Effective Communication
  • Co-Occurring Conditions
  • Self-Advocacy
  • and more

Steve's services cater to diverse audiences:

  • Individuals: Coaching to increase self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.
  • Parents and Families: Coaching to understand Autistic development and gain effective parenting strategies.
  • Educators: Understanding the Autistic child and implementing classroom success strategies.
  • Business Leaders: Cultivating inclusive workplaces where Autistic individuals can thrive.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Supporting Autistic patients in often challenging and dysregulating environments.
  • Conferences and Events: Event consulting to create inclusive events, and public speaking engagements to enhance audience understanding of Autistic individuals.
  • and more

Connect with Steve today to embark on a journey that empowers Autistic individuals to shift from surviving to thriving. By fostering understanding, acceptance, and support, together we can create a world where Autistic individuals can reach their full potential.


"Steve's perspective and personal story can profoundly impact businesses, families, students, and educators like myself. By sharing his story, he brings the word accommodation to life like no other. He is a voice to individuals who still feel the stigma of being different, and shows them and us that different can be beautiful and most of all very useful."
- Dane Cangro, WorkAbility 1/TPP Director, Tustin Unified School District

"Steve delivered a motivating, heart-felt talk that helped us understand how people that lean towards the Autistic end of the personality spectrum can be a huge benefit to companies. Steve speaks from experience and he is actively working on the solutions he proposes. I highly recommend his talk to make each of us a better leader!"
- Jim Ratichek, President, Applied Process Logic, Inc.

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